Deuteronomy 12.32 – Rightly worshipping God.
Posted: 29 February 2012 in Deuteronomy

What thing soever I command you, observe to do it: thou shalt not add thereto, nor diminish from it.

Although the above verse relates directly to the Old Testament cultus, the principle it enunciates is general enough for there to be no reason to suppose that it doesn’t apply to Christian worship as well. God does not change his mind. There are two temptations which face worshippers of the one and only God. One is to dishonour his name by doing only reluctantly what he commands, but the other is to imagine that we sinful creatures can add anything to that which he commands. God is sufficient unto himself, and there is nothing we can give or offer him, beyond that which he ordains. In this verse we are explicitly warned by God himself not to make the attempt.

All disobedience to God is by definition sin, and we should be wary of the arrogance of thinking that we sinful creatures can add anything to God’s glory by going beyond that which is commanded. On the other hand, it would be equally sinful for us to ignore our duty in not doing that which God requires, or by doing it grudgingly and with a heavy heart. And yet we are not able to perform even that duty, unless God graciously bestows upon us a heart which is not reluctant to do all his will – still less are we able to go beyond it, and have our worship be pleasing to him.

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