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Proverbs 21.30
Posted: 2 November 2010 in Proverbs, Scripture

There is no wisdom nor understanding nor counsel against the LORD

The thing which struck me about that verse is how freely it is ignored today. You might expect that atheists would sit as light to it as they do any other part of the Bible, but all over the web you can find professing Christians doing the same thing. If there is some part of God’s self revelation they don’t like, at best they might ignore it, and at worst they will feel free to lecture God about his misdemeanours, and how this is no fitting way for a well behaved deity to conduct himself.

A typical example involves telling God that he can’t consign anybody to eternal punishment, because they don’t think he should. As laudable as the sentiment behind that may be, the Bible says what it says, and if somebody is really serious about embracing it as the word of God, they must accept what it says – whether they like it or not.

The more sophisticated amongst them might try to give the Greek word κόλασις a creative reinterpretation, but any lexicon, which is not being made to say what they want it to say, will soon reveal “punishment” to be an accurate translation.

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